Anna Russo

Anna was born and raised in Vancouver, WA, with her lineage from the local community.  In fact, her grandfather attended Providence Academy, in downtown Vancouver, many years ago. With her family having been a part of Vancouver for over 100 years, she proudly continues her family tradition of helping the local community.  One fun fact she likes to share is that her grandfather started his decades’ long career at Kaiser Permanente as Henry Kaiser’s chauffeur.  Anna’s father is also an attorney here in Vancouver, and he has been practicing law for over 40 years.  She learned a lot about community service through her heritage and has found great satisfaction in helping others. 

After attending the University of Washington, Anna received her Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies in 2005.  In between college and before law school, she worked as a legal assistant at two different law firms in Seattle, Washington.  Seattle was big and exciting for her during her college years.  Each neighborhood had its own little downtown area.  There was so much diversity to experience.  Wanting to further her education, she then left Seattle and attended law school in Eugene.  It was at the University of Oregon that she received her Juris Doctor and later in 2017 became a member of both the Washington and Oregon state bars.

As a family law lawyer in Vancouver, Washington, Anna has learned to be not only a legal advisor but an emotional counselor as well.  It’s this field of law that allows her the opportunity to work with clients who recognize that while they don’t want to be in this situation, they need counsel to help them through the rough times.  She tries to make this difficult time as simple and pleasant as possible.  It’s her desire to be known as a reasonable attorney and to be kind and respectful toward others.  Working with clients who put their children first over all other emotional issues is rewarding and keeps her motivated.

Giving back to my community is extremely important to Anna.  Currently, she is a regular volunteer at the Clark County Volunteer Lawyers Program and the Clark County YWCA.  As a volunteer, she has gained experience as a good communicator with great listening skills and is able to assist clients with their priorities.  She is also a legal advisory member of KXRW, the only non-profit radio station in Vancouver, WA. 

When she is not working, you can find her enjoying a round of golf, gardening, cooking, walking one of the numerous beautiful paths in our city, shooting pool, watching the Portland Trailblazers (hopefully win!) or reading a murder mystery. 

One of her favorite quotes is “Go as far as possible and then take one step further.”  Author unknown