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Values and Vision

Heritage Family Law aims to be the most respected family law firm in Southwest Washington.  Originally formed in 2007 as Slate and Jones, the company grew into a two-state, multi branch firm.  After a hiatus from 2014-2016, our founding attorney and managing partner Glenn Slate moved back to Clark County, where headquarters were re-established and renamed as Heritage Family Law.


Attorney Glenn Slate 

When attorneys write their bios for their website, do you ever wonder how they choose to depict themselves?  What are the important pieces to share with a potential client, so they feel they have an idea of what to expect? For us, at Heritage, we believe that it’s a combination of things like the basics of education, and their career experience, but more importantly is about their values and their focus.


Our Services


Divorce is a part of our culture. It’s a part that none of us want to experience, but sometimes it’s our only choice…

Child Custody & Support

“The Best Interests of The Children” is a phrase you often hear in family law. But what does that really mean?…

Domestic Violence Protection

If you are a victim of domestic violence or have been falsely accused of domestic violence, don’t wait, call us now…


Washington Courts have many rules about what changes meet the standard that would allow you to modify a parenting plan or child support…


There are several ways to establish paternity…

Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law helps couples go their separate ways better equipped and with less damage…


Whether your wish is to relocate or prevent your children from relocating, an experienced attorney is a must…

Additional areas covered by Heritage Family Law

CPS Defense | Adoption | Adult Adoption | Property Division | Mediation | Third Party Custody | Same Sex Divorce | Grandparent’s Rights

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Heritage Family Law is always looking for their next great team member.

First, you should understand that we believe “All Real Wealth Is Biological”.  That means we think of our employees as our partners in vision and execution and that they are our greatest asset.  We actually like one another, and work to support each other’s lives and choices.  Additionally, we work as a team, which allows meeting crisis head on and with surgical precision.