Jessica | Sr. Paralegal 

Jessica would tell you that working in the legal field was something she never thought she would do as a life work.  In fact, when she was in high school, she set her sights on becoming an author.  Starting at a young age though, she began working in her Father’s law firm, learning the basics like filing and answering phones.  She always took her work seriously and became an asset to office management at Slate and Jones, the largest civil litigation firm in four counties.

Beth Slate

She left for college at Southern Georgia University, just outside of Savannah and began working toward her degree in International Relations with a minor in Chinese.  She was driven to learn about people from all cultures, and how to understand relationships from a global perspective.  Each summer she would return to the Northwest and work in law firms as a legal assistant where she garnered rave reviews from her employers.

After three years in Georgia, Jessica was ready to return home and was hired as a paralegal at Ashby Law, the second fastest growing law firm in the country, according to Fortune 500 magazine.  Ashby practiced strictly family law and Jessica discovered helping families was her passion.  

Jessica is now the senior paralegal at Heritage Family Law and she primarily focuses on family law.  Her innate writing ability has helped the firm’s clients tell their stories in court and her penchant for quality work has earned her the respect of her legal community.  As case manager for the firm, she is the main connection for communication and is dedicated to helping her clients feel heard.

Big things are in Jessica’s future as she finishes her last year in college and her aim is to enroll in the Washington State Clerkship program to become a family law attorney.