Beth Slate

Beth Slate is a registered Title 26 Guardian ad Litem for Clark County in Washington State. She has also handled cases in Benton, Franklin, Walla Walla, Stevens, Yakima, Ferry, Asotin and Pend Orielle Counties. Her experience with the human and family services industry spans over twenty-five years.  While attaining her first bachelor’s degree in International Community Development, she worked overseas within orphanages and schools.  Over the next fifteen years, she served her community by volunteering as a rape victim’s advocate and would eventually specialize in helping families whose young children had been raped.  During this time, she also taught parenting classes, and worked as a legal advocate for victims of domestic violence.  In 2008, at the request of the Honorable Patrick Monasmith in Stevens County, she created and taught a “Basic Life Skills” program for adjudicated youth as an alternative to sentencing in Martin Hall. Those who graduated the course had a zero-recidivism rate.

In 2011, Mrs. Slate completed the Title 26 Guardian ad Litem training in Seattle and began working full time within Stevens, Ferry and Pend Orielle Counties.  She garnered great respect within the legal community as a knowledgeable, fair and reliable professional. In the same year, she also completed the training to become a certified mediator which was a tremendous help in working with parents involved in the court systems.   In preparation for graduate school, Mrs. Slate completed a second bachelor’s degree in 2014 in Psychology, Sociology and Human Development.  She has taken numerous courses in child development, family systems, family violence, family diversity, stress and other pertinent topics.  In 2015, she completed Washington State’s Children’s Administration Academy for Child Welfare and Protective Workers.  Additionally, she served as a CASA intern, rewriting the handbook to dependencies for several jurisdictions in Georgia.  Currently she is writing a book on parenting that focuses on teaching one’s children to make good decisions.  Mrs. Slate is an enthusiastic advocate for children and their families and is committed to helping them move forward in a healthy manner.


As a Title 26 Guardian ad Litem Mrs. Slate strives to set the standard for informed, fair, resourceful and applicable investigations and recommendations.  She understands that her job is not to “intuit” the truth of a situation, but to investigate and report.  Her recommendations are founded on Washington State RCWs, local rules and the latest research and best practices for child development and family systems.  Mrs. Slate understands that each child in a family has different developmental needs and bases her recommendations to allow for maturation and emotional security of each child (RCW 26.09.184).  Mrs. Slate also believes that it is important to understand the unique needs of diverse families, along with their strengths and challenges.  Having a solid understanding of same sex parenting issues, minority family systems and other family constellations allows her to make informed and effective recommendations to the court as to the best interests of the children.

Mrs. Slate believes that Washington State has clearly stated that every parent has the right to a relationship with their child unless that parent has a history of domestic violence, physical, sexual or a pattern of emotional abuse of a child, abandonment, etc. (RCW 26.050.010).   Similarly, RCW 26.09.191 outlines restrictions in parenting plans based on clear criterion.  Therefore, her recommendations will work to foster healthy attachments with each parent.  Much research has been done over the last decade on parent child relationships and what is needed for strong attachments.  Mrs. Slate utilizes this information and invests in her continuing education to ensure she has the most up to date facts.