Collaborative Law

In a court system that is adversarial and prone to creating conflict, Collaborative Law is a breath of fresh air, helping couples go their separate ways better equipped, with less damage and an earlier start to healing from the pain of divorce.  Early studies show that children whose parents chose a collaborative divorce had less trauma, less externalizing negative behavior and better relationships with both parents.

So, what is Collaborative Law?  

Simply put, in a ‘normal” divorce, spouses choose an attorney and they battle things out in court.  In Collaborative Law, spouses each choose their “collaborative” attorney and they all work together to create the best solution for everyone.  Sometimes other team members are brought in, such as financial planners or CPAs, therapist, parenting evaluators, realtors and so on.  All information is shared with everyone and parties meet multiple times to work everything out.  If the couple abandon the process at any point and decide to litigate, both attorneys are barred from representing you.  Our managing attorney Glenn Slate was one of the early adopters of Collaborative Law and has successfully handled dozens of cases.  Call us today and let’s talk about whether this is a good solution for you!