It’s always a relief when the dust from your divorce settles and you can put that all behind you. Unfortunately, family needs change over time.  Children grow, jobs come and go and what once worked, doesn’t any longer.  This is when modifications become necessary, and the terms of your divorce, especially as it relates to time with your children, support or alimony, must be revisited.

Washington Courts have many rules about what changes meet the standard that would allow you to modify a parenting plan or child support.  Some changes in your situation only allow for minor modifications, and some allow for a completely new agreement.  Trust us to be able to advise you of your rights, and the likelihood of success in seeking a modification.  

Here are a few things that are considered when seeking a modification:

  • The physical or mental health of either parent that would preclude them from normal parenting duties
  • Changing jobs which could mean a different schedule or loss/gains in income
  • Moving to a new location or new school
  • Children as they age, need a plan that is more in their best interests
  • Either parent has had several contempt rulings regarding following the current plan
  • Incarceration of either parent
  • Remarriage of either parent
  • Either parent not following the current plan
  • Negative effects in the children because of the current plan